About Tivusat

What's Tivusat?

Tivùsat is an Italian free-to-air satellite television platform that broadcasts digital TV channels via satellite. It was launched in July 2009 and is operated by Tivù srl, a joint venture between public broadcaster RAI, commercial broadcaster Mediaset, and Telecom Italia Media.

Tivùsat offers a wide range of channels, including national and regional channels, as well as international channels in various languages, such as English, French, German, and Spanish. It also provides high-definition (HD) channels and interactive services, such as electronic program guides (EPG) and video on demand (VOD).

One of the unique features of Tivùsat is that it is available to viewers throughout Europe. To access Tivùsat, viewers need to have a satellite dish and a Tivùsat decoder, which can be purchased from authorized retailers or online.

Tivùsat is an alternative to traditional pay-TV services, as it offers free access to a wide range of channels without any subscription or recurring fees, and remains the best option for  expatriates who want to watch Italian TV channels abroad.


130+ free channels

Tivusat does not incur in any monthly or yearly subscription once the card is activated

Scheduled updates

Tivusat decoders automatically find and store new channels, so no need of an installer.

Never miss a program

Tivusat decoders offer 7 days program guide at the press of a button directly on your TV

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