WHYTE 5 Lite Multiswitch 5×12 c/w PSU




5 In 12 Out (Earth Bars Not Included)
Quad/Quattro – 4 Year Warranty

The Whyte Series 5 Lite 12-Way Standalone Multiswitch is designed for domestic installations as well as for small apartment blocks and, is compatible with both quad and quattro LNBs.

Main features:

  • LED Power Indicator
  • Colour Coded Inputs
  • Gain SAT: 0dB / TERR: 3dB
  • Inbuilt High-Rejection LTE 4G Filter
  • Switchable 12V supply to power Mast Head Amplifier
  • Industry Leading Performance at a competitive price
  • Adequate Clearance to route cables under Multiswitch
  • Comes Complete with 0.8A 18V DC Power Supply WP-0.8A
  • Includes Separate Power Supply Unit with F-Type DC Lead
  • High quality Standalone Multiswitch with 4 years warranty

Frequency Range: SAT 950-2150MHz | TERR 87-790MHz
4G Filter: YES
Input (F-Type Female): 4 SAT + 1 TERR
Tap Outputs (F-Type Female): 12
Gain: SAT 0±2dB | TERR 3±2dB
Return Loss Trunk Input: SAT >8dB | TERR >8dB
Max Output Level: SAT (IMA³ -35dB) 100dBμV | TERR (IMA³ -60dB) >85dBμV
Isolation: Trunk – Trunk >28dB | Cross Polar: ≥25dB | Tap-Tap SAT >25dB | Tap-Tap TERR >23dB | Rejection ≥20dB
Impedance: 75 Ohms
Switching Commands: Legacy 13/18V / 22kHz Tone
Power Supply Voltage: 18V DC
Powering: Via DC Input Only
Power Consumption (Max) @18V: 100mA
Masthead Power Supply (Switchable): TERR Input Only 12V DC 100mA
18V DC 800mA PSU (WP-0.8A): Included
Earth Lug: Up to 6mm² Core
Dimensions (mm): 214 x 150 x 43
Weight: 546g


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