Anti-piracy activity

Tivù srl, the company that operates in the field of free satellite television through the tivùsat platform, has always been at the forefront in the protection of valuable content and in the fight against piracy in the Italian free TV supply chain.

In underlining the importance of this role, we inform you that starting from 21 December 2022 and throughout 2023 our technical security systems will no longer allow the operation of the tivùsat smartcard combined with non-certified tivùsat decoders.

We have become aware of the fact that there are subjects who sell, especially on websites, non-certified tivùsat devices declared “compatible”: in reality these are counterfeit devices often sold with the tivùsat smartcard of dubious origin. 

Therefore, since these devices harm everyone’s interests, including those of the users, the relative marketing is constantly opposed by Tivù and will continue to be so with said actions of a technical nature and with possible legal actions.

We therefore invite you not to purchase these products and to request, in your own interest, the correct pairing between tivùsat smartcards and tivùsat certified devices, in order to help us counteract such practices, and also to avoid malfunctioning problems with your devices. 

If a black screen or a no-view message appears on your TV, we invite you to first check that the product you have is tivùsat certified. You can easily check through Tivusat website in the products > decoder section  or consult Tivusat FAQ


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