Introducing Triax MOD103T digital modulator

Do you watch your Italian channels on a second TV, or send signal from your living room Tivusat decoder to other TVs around your home? Are you still relying on old analogue RF technology?

Things have moved on from when you may have first installed your television distribution system. Old analogue technology has now been replaced by digital, delivering crystal clear signal around the house using the same coaxial cable distribution system.

A digital TV modulator is an electronic device that takes a digital video signal and modulates it onto a carrier frequency suitable for transmission over a coaxial cable. This allows to watch the same channel from your HD device in your living room to additional TV around your home, as long as they are wired with a coaxial cable.

Typically, digital TV modulators include an input for the digital video signal, which can be sourced from a video encoder or a digital TV tuner, in this case your Tivusat HD decoder. The modulator then processes the signal to ensure compliance with the relevant broadcasting standards, such as DVB-T, which means, your Tivusat channel will be available on the second TV the same as a Freeview channel.

The Triax MOD103T digital modulator will let you watch + control HD content at each TV location using existing coax cable infrastructure. If you are already using an old analogue RF modulator it will be a simple swap and very cost effective upgrade. Here are the main features:

  • New compact design
  • All inputs and outputs on one side for ease of installation
  • Full HD Video and HDMI Loop through
  • IR Control when used with Digital Links and IR Pass Amplifiers
  • Enhanced viewing experience
  • Combine multiple modulators together for more HD channels on your network – watch different sources on different TV’s
  • Output combined with existing RF signals
  • RF Output level control
  • Fully agile output
  • IR Emitter required at HDMI source (supplied)
  • Compatible with HDMI sources*
  • Ideal solution for domestic and commercial installations.

Replacing your old modulator with the new Triax MOD103T does not require technical knowledge and can be purchased securely online, but if you feel more comfortable with an expert technician carrying out the installation contact Tivusatman for more info or schedule an appointment.

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